Workflow Design

Shooting QC & Backup

Color Management

Online Editing

Grading (Cinema, HDR/SDR)

Remote Grading

Mastering & Deliveries

Editorial Suites

Workflow design from pre-shoot to optimize and maintain color consistency throughout the image post-production process.

Quality control of the raw footage (OCF) in its optimal format (HDR/SDR) and backup to LTO9 tape or the required support.

Colorimetry and creation of technical and creative LUTs. Calibration of projectors and HDR/SDR monitors with spectroradiometer (Colorimetry Research CR-300) and colorimeter (CR-100).

Online editing in any resolution and export of pulls for VFX in any format required by the client. Editorial effects (opticals) such as retimes, dynamic reframing, stabilized... The editors follow the entire project from ingest to closing.

We have three color grading rooms. One with Christie laser projector CP2415-RGB for film productions and the others with Dolby Vision license and Sony BVM-HX3110 monitoring. All rooms are connected to a 1PB high-speed SAN network.

Our colorists have a long trajectory in the sector with more than 300 projects.

Coming soon

Generation of DCP masters (IOP, SMPTE), Dolby Vision MFIs or any other delivery required by platforms and TV.

We have offline editing rooms equipped with Avid or Premiere, according to demand, with network storage system. Calibration and maintenance service included. Possibility of remote editing.